My Joy Is Mine To Give.

First, let me start by saying, I’m so happy I have my writing mojo back! Whoop!!

Today is one of those good days and as I sit to write, I do a quick rundown of how my day started and made an interesting discovery.

I woke up at about 6ish, slept back. Woke up a few more times, I’m still on my bed, plotting, surfing the web and it’s 9:53 when I fully wake up as I receive a text for a meeting reminder at 10:00.

I remember trying to gather my thoughts, wondering how I forgot.

It’s 9:57 now (I know because I’m constantly checking the time to ensure I don’t drift). I’m still on my bed when I try to join the meeting from my phone, I get up, get my laptop, the meeting goes fine, I do some work, run some errands and settle back in my makeshift office for the day.

It’s 12:55 now, I’m basking in my joy, musing.

I ask myself, why do I feel exceptionally good today and realize my joy was the result of the work I did on myself the previous day.

When I woke up yesterday, I was intentional with how I wanted to start my day because the day before was quite shitty, I could hardly get anything done and thinking about it right now, I don’t quite remember what happened (proof that worry does nothing but create an endless tunnel of disorientation).

Anyways, I remember waking up and telling myself “No brooding, take the lessons you learned and apply them moving forward. You have things to do”.

Image credit: Pinkcatdaily

It worked!

I didn’t feel as jiggy as I do right now, but reclaiming my time helped me put things into focus. I went to work, checked off my to-do list, and had enough inspiration to direct my energy to things I love doing.

In doing this, I remembered 2 things;

  • Time = value per second. Everything I give my time should give me value.
  • I am indeed the master of my fate and as Ayo would say, you have to speak positive things to yourself as the universe tends to give you what you ask for.

Going through this 2–3-day journey with myself has been one of the best feelings I’ve had in the past few months (thanks COVID!) and in feeling a zillion and one feelings, I had what you would call a wow moment when I realised my happiness is my responsibility (newsflash!).

I went from extremely upset to sad and feeling resolved all by paying attention and feeding myself with the right energy.

Bad days are inevitable but we have the power to heal ourselves from inside-out and I hope we remember to love on ourselves every single day.

Your joy is yours to give and not anyone else’s.




Everyday Musings.

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Kafilat Awotayo

Everyday Musings.

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